Wednesday, May 29, 2013

bead embroidery done and notes from the road

 the bead embroidery on the surface of this piece is finished 

because I did not have a color map when I started this piece, I was not sure what color would be the dominate one --- in the end there are about an equal number of spaces of each of the three colors

today I hope to get the backing on this and make a decision about the clasp -- in the past I've done these with a beaded toggle, but recently I had a customer ask me to replace that with a magnetic clasp, so now I'm trying to decide if I'll just do that on this one from the beginning

while we were out on the road I took a lot of landscape photos that I hope to use for future quilt projects

this little sketch, however, resulted from something I saw while it was my turn to drive --- a large RV built on a bus chassis with the mounted metal frame on the back end that you usually see ATVs or bikes on --- except this one was sporting a Smart Car!

you just never know what you will see out on the road


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AlisonH said...

That is so gorgeous. Love love love the colors and the energy of it and the happiness all over it.