Monday, September 11, 2006

Its finally done.....

It seemed like it was going to take forever to get the edge done all around it, but I finally got it done yesterday.

Here's a very nice close up that gives you a better view of the sun's face, and notice earth just above it on the left hand side. A lovely blue planet made of an 8mm lapis bead.

I confess that this doesn't look exactly like what I had originally seen in my mind, but I do like the way it came out.

Now this is the inside of the dark dodo I have been working on.....I didn't notice until I was "tweeking" the picture to format for blogging that I had forgotten to turn him right side to....oh well, all that will happen when I stuff him.

Yesterday afternooon I got 3 more animals cut out and pinned so I can do some of the work on the sewing machine. Since all three of them are light colors (one white dodo, one pink flamingo and one peach colored bear), I figure I can use the same light neutral thread and do a little production work to get these on the road.

The slash patches have been installed in the car quilt, and the bottom grass stitched in, now there is just the long strip of sand looking stuff to put at the very bottom. I should be able to do that while I'm whipping those animals together.

Monday is almost always laundry day at my house, so I'm 2 loads in to what looks like about 5....a bit more than usual, but I have this interesting laundry equation going on:

rainy weather + large labrador + light colored quilt on bed = extra laundry

time to get busy

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