Saturday, October 20, 2012

apparently not done yet

with this color scheme anyway

some of these pieces were left over from the chocolate cherry jewelry -- those ovals on the right hand side for instance

since I had already started bezeling those, and the tubes of beads are still out in the work tray, I've decided to go ahead and create one more bracelet

this one, however, will be very different from the other pieces as it will be irregular edged and made up of odds and ends of stones, shell and glass

a good exercise in free form work after the more formal work of the last pieces

under the category of "thanks, but no thanks"

yesterday's mail included the notification that this piece did not make the cut in the competition it was entered in

I need to take some new pictures of it so I can go ahead and list it in my Etsy store

and I think I won't be entering this particular competition again ---

attempt #2 at the mug

and I'm much happier with this one

brighter, more interesting

the fabric was left over from a charity quilt top I made earlier in the year (one more example of why I don't just toss those little oddments when a project is completed!)

should be ready to start stitching this down to the background this evening

yesterday's grackle converted to a line drawing

this is my plan for the next quilt in the Visioning Project

and hey, those are pretty recognizable bird shapes -- including that one that is not just a straight profile!

I'm hoping to start pulling out fabrics for this piece this afternoon

yesterday we had to make a run to Denver to pick up the scroll saw

the only place in our little village to have that kind of work done closed right after the Waldo Canyon fire this summer, leaving us with only the Denver location for this sort of repair --- it's sort of a pain in the butt

time in the van, however, does translate into charity knitting getting completed, which is a good thing

and on the way back we decided to go ahead and do some Christmas shopping that we usually do on the Monday after Thanksgiving when we're en route home from our daughter's house

pretty cool being a bit ahead of the game with that

time to get busy --- projects are waiting!

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