Thursday, October 25, 2012

nothing to see here

at least there are no pictures today

but I was busy yesterday -- 

most of the beading is done on the bracelet -- I've started working on the ring and toggle that will be the clasp

quilting has begun on the mug piece

I've almost finished the piecing of the blackbird piece

quilting continues on the Alaska quilt

and I found the pattern for the teddy bear!!

but along with all that, yesterday I packed 3 boxes of records (yes, 33 rpm, vinyl, phonograph records!) because I need to move my stereo cabinet out of the family room so we can put down the new floor --- a fun afternoon, playing the Joan Baez record (Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around!) and taping up boxes

progress on these kinds of projects comes with some pain --- as in some sore muscles this morning

time to get moving --- I still have some things to do before our work crew gets here this afternoon --- need to finish making the area toddler proof before Mr Cute arrives!!


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AlisonH said...

We need to move all the computer stuff and tables and repaint in here. The size of the task has been defeating me. Thank you for this post--it can be done!