Monday, October 29, 2012

resting and working

I was resting physically yesterday, but still working on some things

like quilting on this piece, for instance

the quilting of the beans is coming along nicely

other quilting projects are moving along too -- I have only two more birds to applique on the black bird piece, and I've nearly finished the quilting in one of the eight blocks on the Alaska quilt

this piece is done

and I really like the way it came out

I'm hoping to get this listed in my Etsy store today or tomorrow

usually at this time of the year I'm really having to ramp up the knitting time to get Christmas knitting projects completed

this year I started so early, that all of those are already done, so my knitting time for a while has been just making up more afghan squares

so in the last few days, I've finished two more of them

I'm going to be taking a look at the stash and the pattern stack and see if there isn't something else I can be working on too

today we need to run some errands, and I'm doing laundry, but I'm hoping to get some other projects done too -- last night I got the pattern for the bear I'm making drawn on the fusible interfacing so I can iron that on to the fabric and start the cutting

rolling along

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AlisonH said...

Raising my mug of hot cocoa to your mug of quilting.