Friday, October 12, 2012

in spite of there being a doctor's appointment and a trip for groceries and a guild meeting yesterday, there actually was a little time in the studio too

I hadn't originally planned to cut two stamps, but after I did the first one and tested it out, I decided I needed the "reverse" version too to make a pleasing background for this project

and cutting these fairly simple shapes didn't take very long to do

here is what the two look like when stamped

I did the cutting and glued the stamps to the plastic backing so it can set up before I use them to do the job I have in mind

meantime, I'm turning the house upside down trying to figure out what I did with the roll of freezer paper I have that I need for part of this project -- it makes me NUTS when I misplace something -- especially something that is obviously big enough that I ought to be able to find it --- GRRRRR!

and since I sat and waited in the doctor's office for almost 45 minutes (another giant waste of time!), I did get another afghan square finished

it will be number one in the next box to go out because I've already sealed up the box to mail the last batch

last night was the annual fund raising auction that our quilt guild does to raise funds for programs during the year

this bracelet was one of the pieces that I donated to the auction

and it was fun to watch the bidding -- I was happy to see it go to someone that liked it so well that she put it on as soon as the auctioneer handed it over to her


lots to do today -- time to get to it

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AlisonH said...

I would too--it's beautiful! Lucky woman!

Your print looks like a cacao bean to me. (Reaching for my hot cocoa.)