Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Productive time in the studio

the last of the chocolate cherry suite of jewelry is finally finished

I'm really pleased with how all of these pieces came out

today I'll be setting up the photo studio and taking all of the pictures so I can get this entered in the competition

it will be a challenge to show all three pieces in only five pictures!

and yes, I've already started on the next piece of jewelry!

the stamping continues

I've done two layers now, and I hope to get the third layer done today

I really like the way this is coming together

when you look at the picture right now, it looks like the beans are stamped over each other because the first layer of stamping has the pieces of freezer paper over them

another hot pad complete!!

the Christmas sewing project is moving along nicely, and I've returned to quilting the lap quilt with the malamute in the center

yesterday I finished painting the bedroom I've been redoing --- there is a lot of trim work in that room -- I used almost an entire roll of Frog Tape getting it ready to paint --- today I can take the tape down and start putting that room back together -- yippee!!

time to get to work

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AlisonH said...

Beautiful necklace!