Monday, October 15, 2012


I finished this lovely last night

it took almost exactly one month of my late evening scheduled knitting time

(and actually there were several evenings that I didn't get to it)

I think it's adorable --- and I love those metal tractor buttons

just hope Mr Cute likes it too

you may recall that I've been going through things in preparation for some painting and flooring

yesterday I found this piece that I did back in 2002

I'd been looking for this for a while because even though it had been declared "finished" back then, by my new approach it just isn't

so last night I picked out the stitching around the edges which meant the back is now off --- and there was no quilting involved in the piece originally -- which I think it needs

today I hope to get this ready to be quilted in the areas that are not covered with beads

the stamping has begun

I never did locate the roll of freezer paper I had, so I picked up another one at the grocery store so I can just get on with this project

today I will iron the freezer paper over the first stamps and stamp the next layer


of course there is laundry to do and a trip to the drug store, and some work in the house, but I hope to get back into the studio this afternoon

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AlisonH said...

So is that tractor going to follow the yellow brick road?