Wednesday, October 03, 2012

doing my homework

this is the first official month of the Visioning Project which I will be working on for the next year

the point of this project is to set a goal in some segment of my work as an artist and to work toward it

this year I will be working on my design skills -- beginning with doing the exercises in a book titled Art + Quilt written by Lyric Kinard

for those of us that work with fiber, texture is a big part of the impact of our art

the first fiber assignment is to create a piece that is all white with as many different textures as possible

this involved my digging through all of the tubs of fabric that would not normally be used in quilts to find as many different pieces of white fabric as I could

and now the work has begun -- and yes, I'm taking a step into the abstract with this as well --- totally uncharted territory here, but that's part of the growing part of this too

of course in the meantime work on other things will continue

I started the edge work on the bead piece yesterday, and quilting on the "project which can not be named" is moving right along

last night as I was drifting off to sleep I think I solved my problem with the background print for the Mug Shot piece --- under the "DUH" factor, the key word here is "print" -- I'm going to be cutting a couple of rubber stamps of those over sized coffee beans and using a couple of pigment ink stamps to create that background --- should be fun!

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AlisonH said...

Can you knit cables and transpose them onto the woven fabric? Braid fabric ones--I'm going to be thinking of things all day.