Monday, April 29, 2013

starting, stopping, recovering!

the bezels have all been redone

I'm ready to start putting it back together, but the new design that has evolved involves adding some crystals to this

and I'm going to have to order those

so while we wait for those parts to arrive, I've started working on this new Tribute to Gee's Bend Quilters bead embroidered bracelet

I've not done one of these in the colors I plan to use for this one, so it will be a whole different look

these are a lot of fun to make, and a good way to make use of little odds and ends of beads that I have left from other projects

 it will probably take me a couple of days to get through all of the pictures that I took during my conference weekend

I did finish three afghan squares in the car on the way to Santa Fe and back  -- cool

meantime, today I have a lot of unpacking and laundry and shopping and well you get the picture -- time to get to that!

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