Friday, July 19, 2013

another project taking shape

this piece has been in the planning stage for a while now, and since I need to have it finished before Christmas, it was time to get to it

when I start one of these pieces its always a question of where to begin -- in the center?  at the bottom? at the top?

in this case I have begun at the top left corner and I'm working both directions from there

what you see here is the beginning of the big tree that covers much of the top left side of the piece

so far, so good

this thing, however, I'm not so pleased with

having torn apart the original piece down to the pieces here, my original plan was to do some bead embroidery around each one to create some "tiles" that I would then string together to form a new piece

but I'm not pleased with the look of the one bead embroidered tile I've done, so this one is back to the drawing board -- rats

time to get to it -- I have a meeting to attend this afternoon, and I want to get some stuff done before then!

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AlisonH said...

Oh wow! is exactly what I thought as the picture opened up. That's beautiful!