Wednesday, July 03, 2013

finished work, re-work work, new work


and it came out pretty well -- I especially like that three bead edging I created for this piece -- I plan to use that again

even got this listed in time for the Etsy Beadweavers Challenge --- as soon as the voting starts I'll post a link here

and now I'm ready for the beading to begin!

got the backing prepared and the resin cab glued down yesterday afternoon 


yesterday I used a number of kitchen objects and a compass and created different sized circles to use as patterns

then I did the unthinkable -- I cut up all that hand pieced stitching and created something entirely new

I'm now working on stitching down all of the edges -- all of these are fused to the black, but the edges still get stitched

and I'm much happier with this

yeah!  progress!!

time to get busy -- things need to get done!!


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Oh, wow, that is SO neat! You did good, sis! (Third time's the charm?)