Tuesday, July 02, 2013

on to new projects!

yesterday afternoon I finished up the roses bead piece --- I need to take some pictures of it today so I can show it to you

but since that was complete, I moved on to this project -- finished up the drawing for the seahorse bracelet

I'll be doing this as bead embroidery and I plan to use a magnetic clasp that I can cover with beads and "hide" in the crown at the top of the horses heads

looking forward to getting into this!

under the category of projects that will be torn apart again

when I got the second row of blocks stitched on and started pressing I discovered that it was no where near square and would require major taking apart and putting back together to get it to something even close

I was at the "toss it in the trash" stage

then I had another idea --- that involves taking those pieces blocks, some MistyFuse and using some plates as templates

stay tuned -- permutation number 3 coming up (but I need to make a shopping trip first)

we made a trip to the hardware store yesterday to look for some odds and ends of things 

when we came home I discovered that the big black dog had been working on an escape plan to get out of the cone of shame

my guess is she did this in one of her demolition derby style encounters with the door frame or the kitchen table

I took it off her and repaired it with duct tape (I should note here that I did a complete washing of the inside and out first)

starting today she doesn't have to be in it all the time, but we're not quite ready to be totally free of it (well, she obviously is, but the incision isn't totally healed yet!)

who knows what adventures we will have today!

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