Monday, July 29, 2013

weekend update

we're doing little renovation projects around the house and yard

last winter the specialty grass at the front edge of the driveway got killed off (this is what happens in a climate that sometimes does a bunch of 60 degree days in January then goes back below zero!)

the DH dug out all of those grasses over the weekend and we picked up these three little "Burning Bush" plants to replace them with

these are actually little shrubs that are supposed to handle down to -30 degrees and are a really pretty bright red in the fall (hence the name Burning Bush) -- they'll make a great little hedge there
of course a trip to the big box hardware store meant I got to wander through all of the plants

with a cell phone that has a good camera

snapped these pictures (don't you love the water droplets on some of the leaves!)

they're going in the "future artwork" file
did a little more on this project too

have decided that the bottom edge needs some braid and some decorative tacks to finish it off

I'll be going to shop for those today
just one more of these pieces to finish beading

moving right along here --- I've reached the "are we there yet" stage with this project

there's another piece already "cooking" in my head!
this piece gets more exciting every day!!!

loving the way it looks
then there is this little cutie

sent it off to the Hoffman Challenge a while back

and I'm happy to say that for the third time I'll have a piece traveling with the Hoffman pieces all over the country for another year


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AlisonH said...

Oh cool! Congratulations on the Hoffman piece! And I so love the pine one coming along.

So you need a garden gnome now to go with your new plants so you can name it Moses.