Monday, July 08, 2013

Playing catchup

it's time for Mr Cute to have a big boy bed

his mama decided he needs a big boy quilt to go on it

so she put together this quilt top -- it's a classic split rail pattern with some great "boy" prints

she finished up the top on Saturday afternoon while we were there

so now I have it to do the quilting --- the hardest thing will be wrestling it under the arm of the sewing machine!

this is moving along nicely -- I started doing the "fill" work yesterday afternoon  -- coming right along!

here is some photographic proof that Mr Cute does have a maternal gramma

there are not many pictures of me with him -- he's adorable -- me -- not so much!

my daughter snapped this picture while we we doing the alphabet flash cards

need to get moving -- laundry to finish, errands to run and I want to get to those projects!

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

I think the both of you are absolutely adorable together. And he's a lucky little guy with that beautiful quilt. (Totally loving the seahorse, meantime. Even if my brain keeps typing it out as horseshoe the first time every time.)