Sunday, July 21, 2013

new ideas

since I wasn't happy with the way the Egyptian piece was going I did not work on it yesterday except to think about it

at the end of the day, I ended up with this sketch for a whole new approach

the next step is to draw out the patterns on the backing material and start on the beading


the quilting on this project is complete!!  last night I started doing the hand stitching of the binding --- almost done

knitting continues on this piece --- I've turned the corner and now I'm knitting the gusset

one of the coolest knitting tricks ever was the way the ears are knit in as part of the top of the head --- this is where knitters accept the magic of the written symbols and follow blindly along then suddenly you have something you totally did not expect!

sometimes, if you are looking at the ordinary things in life, you see something amazing

this morning I set out my fruit to warm a bit while I emptied the dishwasher and fed then walked the dog

when I returned from the walk I picked up the bowl from the counter and with the sun shining on the fruit at just the right angle I could see all these tiny droplets of moisture

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AlisonH said...

What a gorgeous photo of cherries! I imagine any grower would love to have that on their page. And you saw it to take a shot of it; so few people would notice and would miss the moment of appreciation.

(Can't wait till my cherry tree produces! It should be as early as next year.)