Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beginning a new/old piece

this necklace had been created a long time ago -- back in the days when I was going to a lot of art shows

but in one of those trips, it came apart at the clasp and I set it aside for future rework

it seemed like a perfect jumping off point to create the themed piece I'm working on right now, so I took it apart down to the base beads

each of those has been stitched down to a backing now and I'll be taking it from there

its a start

real progress being made here --- we're in the home stretch!

since daily walks on on the physical therapy schedule for the dog's recovery from her surgery, I'm getting a good view of the neighborhood at the "ground level"

one of the houses we walk by each day has several of these plants in the front yard in among the other flowers

the blossoms on this are long since gone, and these little pods have formed

what are these?

I have no idea, the closest thing that I can think of are tomatillos, but that is not a usual landscaping plant (they are very prolific, however, as we had "volunteers" come up for a couple of years after our one experiment with growing them in our garden)

I'll be watching these develop -- meantime, I'm pretty pleased with the look of those two photos which were taken with my cell phone, and I may use them for some sort of art work at some point

time to get to it

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AlisonH said...

I dunno but they're cool!

So are you going to make the necklace back to what it was, or change it to something new?