Friday, June 09, 2006

1 dog + 1 ant trap = $$ to the vet

Yes folks, we have discovered that the labrador in our life thinks she's a giant 4 legged ant!

Wednesday we had gone to the hardware store and purchased some ant traps because we are suddenly being invaded by the little critters trying to escape the heat.

In preparation for finding a dog safe place to locate the traps, I had removed one from the package and set it on the counter in the bathroom while I put the others away.

Imagine my surprise when I found that self same ant trap in the dog's mouth!! Quick as a flash I removed the plastic pieces from her mouth and reached for the phone to call the vet, QUICK!

The vet's office instructed us to bring the dog and the package the stuff came out of and get to their office right away, so off we went to the car -- dog, package and a zip lock baggie of the pieces in hand

Once at the vet, they told us they would "induce vomiting" -- oh grand! and then give her some activated charcoal to neutralize whatever she didn't throw up, and that we should leave her for a couple of hours and let them deal with it instead of taking the chance of her making a mess in the car (how sweet, just what I needed in a vehicle that doesn't even belong to us!!)

When we came back to get her, she was still damp from the bath they had to give her after she made a hugh mess.....guess I'm glad she's a BLACK lab, if there was still some charcoal lurking on her, it didn't show.

So as of today we're still doing "poop patrol" to make sure she didn't swallow any of the plastic pieces and puncture anything in the digestive tract, and she goes back for a follow up next week.

Once again we can say she lives up to the "3 year old in a dog suit" just never know what unexpected thing she will do next.

As for the ants, I'm just squirting them with clorox cleaner and mopping them up in the mornings, being afraid to try to put any thing else any where that the dog can even possibly reach.

Guess there's never a dull moment when you have children or pets. Anyway, she's home and doing well.

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