Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Projects and Dixie's Day 2

Well, I have a few new projects in the works. As I said the other day, I have 2 bracelets and a small necklace that have everything glued down and beading can be done.

This is the charolite and pink quartz cuff bracelet. I've already done a bit of beading on this one, and its coming along nicely.

This is a piece of sea jasper that I'm making into a fish. This one will have layers of scales that are made in brick stitch then attached so they actually stand away from the body. Something quite different from other pieces.

This piece is the malachite and azurite cuff bracelet, all ready for beads.

Dixie's Extreme Make Over -- Day 2

Well, they say we must begin with a clean slate, so here I am after Day 2 work....

I will be having an eye lid lift, a nose job, ear remodeling and foot sculpting...YIKES!! Maybe its better I can see what's going on right now.

More updates tomorrow

Love, Dixie

And so, its time for me to get busy!!

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