Friday, June 23, 2006

Fabric on a traveling show, Dixie's update day 4

Well, the box FINALLY arrived! On June 11 I ordered 2 pieces of fabric and some eyes from my favorite mohair supplier, Intercal Trading Group in Costa Mesa, CA. Usually when I order from them, the box arrives within about 5 working days. This time, however, the package took quite a round about route. Fortunately, Intercal always sends me a tracking number as soon as the package is shipped, so I can tell exactly what is going on. Seems the package left Intercal's facility on Tuesday, June 13; then on June 14 it was in Cerritos, CA; on June 16 it was in Commerce City, CO, so far so good, but this is where it gets tricky! For some reason, instead of going on a truck to Colorado Springs on the 16th, it just sat in the UPS facility until June 19, then for some reason still unknown, they put it on a truck to Salina, KS! So then it went to Salina, KS; followed by a trip to Lenexa, Ks, then back to Salina, KS, then back again to Commerce City, CO; where it was finally put on a truck to Colorado Springs. The box looks like its been used to play soccer with (must be that world cup fever has taken over in the UPS facility), but the contents were fine. I guess the bears I make from the two pieces of fabric will have to be names Guilligan and Mary Ann.....(it was just to be a 2 hour cruise?)

Dixie's Update, Spa Day 4

Take a look at my wonderful new feet! The procedure took 2 hours on the "operating table", but they are amazing!

I also have new eyes (my lovely baby blues are back!!), but I'm still quite light sensitive as I have no eye lids yet. They say that will happen soon.

So far it hasn't been a painful experience, tho', so I'm trying to just relax and see what happens next.

Love, Dixie

And so, its time to bring this blog session to a close and get back to work!!

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