Sunday, June 18, 2006

Beadwork finished!!

I finished the beadwork on the farm at sunrise about 11 pm last night.....way past my usual working time, but I was on a roll, and SOOOOO close that I decided to go for it! It looks pretty good. Now to do the finishing work and get it in the frame...the hardest part is weighing all the tubes of beads and figuring out the cost of materials so I can keep the inventory straight.

The next projects on the list are the two bracelets and the fish necklace, all of which have been laid out and prepared for beading, so its just which one to start.

Yesterday, DH strung up some really pretty necklaces from some of the new stone beads he got at the gem show.....a little pricer that some of our other pieces, but really nice.

We've also been working on several new display pieces. I got a nice finished box that I think I will be able to adapt to display bracelets in.....trying to look more like a high end art boutique, less like Walmart!!

Well, time to get busy, we're headed off to see my dad today.....the whole bunch of us will be there which should be quite mom says we're loud because we lived too close to the railroad tracks and had to shout over the trails......I'm not so sure about that, but we do tend to all talk at once.

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