Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dixie's Extreme Make Over Update Day 5

Ta Da! Don't you just love my new eyes?!

It took some extra time and some extra procedures, but I just love the eyelashes, and my eyeliner is guaranteed never to be uneven again! YEAH!!

You'll also note that the first phase of the nose job has begun. I hear there were some "equipment issues" in the O.R. today, so my nose isn't done yet, but it's looking good!

This is really starting to get exciting!!

Love, Dixie

"Surgeon's" note: The equipment issues that Dixie is talking about were that the mustache clippers that I have had for at least 6 years finally gave up the ghost and wouldn't work ..... I knew they were going as the rechargable battery in them had stopped taking a charge a while back .... {sigh!!} So, its off to Waliworld today to replace them, then a stop at the local quilt store for some perle cotton the right colour to finish Dixie's mouth.

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