Thursday, June 22, 2006

Progress on all fronts.....

I've been adding more beads to the bracelet. This one just isn't as exciting to work on as the malachite one was.....there isn't as much of a pattern in the stone, so its just adding a field of color to the background.....It is coming along tho' and at this point I'd just like to get it finished so I can get on with the next piece.

I didn't get any more work done on designing the new pieces because we had doctor appointments this afternoon and that took a big hunk of time out of the day. {sigh!}

The carousel horse is being worked on too. DH did the mane and the bridle, and has asked me to do the details on the eyes. I've done a couple of test runs on heavy card stock with the markers I will actually use, and we've decided on the right design, which I hope to get done today and then turn the project back to him for a while. I think the mane looks very realistic!

No pictures, but I've begun stitching the "sills" on the quilt blocks (got all of the "frames" on last week). The sills are a bit tricker as there is a 45 degree angle between the sill and the frame on the lower left corner of each block. So far I have 2 of the 24 blocks done, used a technique I saw demonstrated for doing something else that had a 45 degree angle, and it worked really well. So, I'll just keep plodding along and soon I'll be able to put the whole top together!

Dixie's Update, Day 3

I'm looking pretty scary here! Not to worry, I will actually have my baby blues back when the treatment is done. I'm going to have eyelashes too when we're done, which will be very cool (no other bear in the den has ever had those....I'm feeling very special)

My feet are getting "acupuncture" treatments, and my new toes will be wonderful.

Got to get back to the treatment room. More updates tomorrow

Love, Dixie

And so, its time for the work to begin.......

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