Tuesday, June 13, 2006

odds & ends (and funny pictures)

Well, I'm doing this a bit later than usual this morning. We had to run over to the lab and have blood drawn so the DH can keep his doctor's appointment next week. I'm spared feeding this vampire as I did all that at the health fair.

I had hoped to avoid 2 doctor's visits (and the attendent $$ to be paid out) by just making an appointment with the GYN and having her write the RX I need.....not so easy as it seems.....I can't get an appointment with her until August sometime....sigh!

We will be taking the dog for her follow up appointment this afternoon....she seems fine, even the "poop patrol" has returned to normal, no more charcoal remains.....it will be good to see what she weighs at this visit. Now that she has lost the weight that the vet wanted her to, we just have to figure out how to maintain it.

Packaged up 2 items today for shipping, one an Ebay sale (from May!) and the other a book off my Amazon store. Every little bit of income helps.

Today's picture is of a Royal Anne cherry that we found in a bag we bought in Columbia when we were doing the show there....I couldn't resist the pix

Progress is being made on the horse for the new bear. I'm working on polymer clay faces for 2 new beaded collars, experimenting with colors of clay and layers of sparkle nail polish.

Well, I guess I'd better get with it.....

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