Sunday, June 11, 2006

We made the finals!!

I have been notified that we are the May finalist for the ACE award!! I'm so excited!!! We had entered the piece titled "Ice Buddies" (pictured here), and now we will be part of the voting for the final ACE award in February 2007 where viewers get to vote. (I'll be sure to put a link for voting up when its time). Yippee!!

Meantime, we have been busy this weekend. We participated in our Community Garage Sale and brought in a little money which will make it possible for us to go to the gem show this coming week.

I'm impatiently waiting for the arrival of beads that have been ordered so I can start on two more cuff bracelets. One of them is purples, the center stone being Russian Charolite and the other will be blues and greens, the center stone is a piece of malachite/azurite. The bead order also includes beads for another collar that will feature a polymer clay sun face with free form beaded 'rays'.....

I have finished the applique on the last 2 blocks of the cat quilts, and now I'm working on the embroidery on each block. Because I spent a lot of time sitting outside on Friday and Saturday for the garage sale, I have finished the embroidery on 14 of the 24, so its coming right along.

I can report that the dog is doing fine after her excursion to the vet, and she has learned a new trick. After nearly 2 years with us, she has figured out that she can jump up onto our bed.....NUTS!

Well, I guess I should get moving, lots of projects to work on!

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