Monday, June 12, 2006

back to work....

ok, now that the excitement has died down over our making the ACE finals, and the mess of holding a garage sale has been cleaned up, we're back to work on projects.

DH has been working on his very first bear...he used an adapted pattern of one of my designs and did the layout, cutting, stitching, jointing and stuffing all by himself. I did the closing for him, then he put on the nose and marked the spots he wanted eyes and ears on which I finished up for him. Now he is working on a carousel rocking horse for the bear to ride, and I'm working on an outfit for her (made to his specifications). This is going to be a very cute piece. Pictures soon we hope!

I have been working on the sunrise beaded piece. The frame is ready. I did it in several layers, the first coat of paint was candy bar brown, then a coat of crackle medium, followed by a coat of soft grey then 2 coats of sealer. It looks like old barn wood (which is what I was trying to get). The beading is coming along, but I discovered after the frame was done that my measurements were a little off, and I actually need to work another 1/4 inch of beading along one narrow end to fill the frame time I'll use the actual frame I'm going to use to draw the outline for the design!! At least this isn't an error that will be painful to recover from.

We have a pretty busy week ahead, taking the dog to the vet for a follow up check, a visit to the gem show for a few items that it is easier to get there than to order, then we will be visiting my folks on Sunday (we're taking them dinner to celebrate Father's Day). And today I'm trying to get laundry done as well as get several items written up for ebay listings.

So, its time to get crackin'

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