Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hair today ..... gone tomorrow

As promised, pictures of the great shave in!

Just before the shaving

My hair is all tied together in a hair band for the cutting of the length that will be donated.

the beginning shave

notice that the front of my hair is still pretty long here

because it had previously been cut in layers, the top was not as long as the back,

(but its all the same length now!)

The shave continues

this whole process actually took quite a while as my hair is very thick (and in some places really coarse -- my grandmother used to say I had "indian hair")

The deed is done!

yes, I'm squinting here like Mr. Magoo -- we were outside in the sunlight and I've got my glasses off which just adds to the effect!

You can really tell I have a deep widow's peak hairline (and 2 in the back!)

(The birds in my mother's neighborhood will have well lined nests as there were a lot more heads to follow mine -- my nephew, my brother-in-law, and my sister all got shaved too)

This is the hair that is going off to be donated.

And there is still time for you to do your part. Use this link to contribute.

Thanks for your support!!

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