Monday, April 26, 2010

an actual finished object!

here it is in all its glory

a bucket hat

nice blue color

nice stripe on the brim lining

wait -- look at that neatly matched stripe pattern -- how did that happen?

I can tell you it was just a happy accident, because if I had wanted to make that happen I would have spent hours making myself crazy!!

anyway, I like the way this one came out

work continues on the apron -- I hope to get the machine work all finished today -- between loads of laundry

another piece of the afghan is complete!

nice texture, don't you think?

the Christmas sweater is 13.902% complete - heh!

I've almost finished the second corner of the quilting on the Hoffman Challenge, and the petals on the second sunflower are almost done on the flowers quilt

looking good

in the race to be the first plant up out of the pot, the little acorn squash is the winner

and a couple more of those are coming too

this means there should be more little plants springing up soon

now if the weather will cooperate and the snow will stop we might actually get these into the ground around Mother's Day

we have English Peas and red potatoes already planted in the ground out in our garden area, but it's too soon to expect to see much happening out there

I may not like the snow, but the last one was really wet which is good for our grass and our garden
and the beginning of the "fix" for the garden shed is shown hear

we've had a hard time getting the grass to grow out there right where you step when you go in or out and where the lawn mower rests when it is taken in our put back

we found the red stones in the back corner of the garage, left by the previous owner from some walk way work that was done in the front yard

we couldn't see any reason not to use them for this purpose

and the DH put dirt around them sloping up to the bottom edge of the shed so it looks nice

sometime in the next couple of weeks we'll plant grass out there on the new "hill" and do the usual "patching" of the areas that winter killed

can mowing be far behind?

time to get to that laundry

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