Thursday, April 15, 2010

more project updates

four of these lovely red and pewter beads complete

at this point these things move along quite quickly --

we'll be working on the rest of the necklace in no time!

at quilt guild meeting last week I picked up another charity quilt kit to work on

I have found that I can make one of these things in about 3 or 4 days

breaking up the time at the sewing machine is kinder to my back and shoulder and knee

and that seems like a reasonable time to make a quilt in

we've been using a heavy fleece for both back and batting on these, doing the quilting through the top and the fleece then rolling the fleece over the edge to make a "binding"

pretty easy considering I've never tried to machine quilt anything bigger than a place mat!

work continues on the Wild About Flowers piece

the first of the sunflowers is now ready for it's stem and leaves and center

I did end up top stitching around each of the petals that are 3 dimensional, so it took a while to get all of them pinned down in their proper places

the Hoffman Challenge piece is being set together and the outside "frame" strips are being added

and I've nearly finished another aspen tree on the trees piece

another strip for the Christmas afghan finished

these are a variety of colors and widths depending on how much of the yarn I have for each one

this was a small ball left over from another project

ok, I know this looks just like yesterday's swatch

trust me, it is not

this one, for instance, is on gauge for stitches

rows - eh, not so much, but as I long ago learned, row gauge is not nearly so important for the kind of projects I make because usually you work until you reach the proper measurement -- it just means I work a few less rows to get there

so the sweater has been cast on and is at 0.244% complete

uh, that doesn't sound like much

stay tuned

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