Saturday, April 17, 2010

not much to show

this is the 7th strip for the afghan -- and yes, it's only about 2 inches wide

the deal here is that I'm using up odds and ends of yarn, and it might actually be easier if I just knit it in one continuous piece, but I decided to do it this way because I keep finding little pieces of yarn and I want to be able to make the final color layout decisions when I'm done

and that is the only thing I have to show for all that I did yesterday -

things like planting about 16 feet of English peas along the back fence

and knitting enough more rows that the Christmas sweater is now 2.439% complete (heh)

and going to the fabric store with the Hoffman Challenge quilt top in hand to pick out the thread for the quilting, getting to show off the top (that was fun!) and then coming home and starting in on the quilting

and finishing the stem on the big sunflower and starting a big 3 dimensional leaf for it

just stuff -- and I made a pizza for dinner that was really good

this morning it is once again really cool with the added grayness of fog -- the newly planted grass and the peas love it -- me? not so much

ok, I'm going off to work on projects

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AlisonH said...

Sometimes days are just busy with other good things! Love the daffodils. Ours are long spent.