Friday, April 23, 2010

snow again!

yes, it is snowing again this morning

I have to say that I am really ready to be done with snow and have some warmer (but not too hot, please) weather

the big black dog at our house agrees

I caught this picture of her last night -- when I went for the camera she had her head resting on that dog toy like a pillow

awwwww! very cute

the previous lab at our house would never have put up with having anything draped over her -- this one could care less

funny how they all have their own little quirks
the red beads are complete!

today I'll start creating the net bezel for the center stone

if that goes well I might even start stringing the whole piece together

I need to scrounge through the stash and find a closure -- either a toggle clasp or a magnetic one -- I'm thinking a toggle will be best as this will end up being a fairly heavy piece and I'm not sure the magnetic clasps I have are substantial enough

I didn't get to the sewing machine for the apron project yesterday because I went to a meeting of the applique group I belong to -- this is always a great "energizer" as there are about 30 of us (although we're never all there at once -- heh, right -- some of us are just not all there!) and each of us brings our own ideas, techniques and projects to share -- it's a great place to get feedback and design ideas

more petals got stitched on the sunflower and more quilting got done on the Hoffman piece yesterday afternoon
and there was knitting

this is the latest strip for the afghan I'm working on

so far I've knit about 32 inches of this project -- I'm really surprised there is this much of it, I guess when you're working in little strips it doesn't seem like much, but it is adding up

the Christmas sweater is 10% complete, and I've just started into the second skein of yarn

so today seems like a good time to settle in at the sewing machine and do some stitching

guess I'll go get busy!

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AlisonH said...

I know I've said this before, but, oooh, pretty!