Friday, April 09, 2010

Quilt Guild goodies and quilt progress

even though I spent a lot of time yesterday working on some other things and making a trip with the DH to the hardware store, I did finish stitching the last of the 3 dimensional petals for the first sunflower

it took quite a while, but I also got them all pressed so now I'm ready to start actually appliqueing the background petals (shown by the numbered white spots on the map) so I can attach these and do the center

this is definitely one of those times when what I see in my head is actually starting to become reality -- the more I learn about new techniques, the more that actually happens!

last night was my evening quilt guild meeting

as I usually do when I'm going to be anywhere that I can knit without causing a distraction to the program, I took along my knitting

so here we have another finished afghan square for the box -- I'm down to needing about 4 more to have this box ready to ship

guild meetings include a chance to do show and tell (I had some things to show), and door prizes

and last night I won one of the door prizes

here is the haul

5 (!) books, 3 pieces of great fabric (each of them about half a yard and already washed), and 2 bottles of fruit scented body wash (I love the body wash -- it helps keep my skin from drying out in this climate)

so now I will need to put together a door prize for next month's meeting (that's the rule -- you win one, you bring one next time)

so what would you like to get in a door prize?

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