Tuesday, April 27, 2010

working with nothing to show for it

I've decided I've officially lost it

my mind that is

for four days I've tried to get this red stone into a net bezel so I can get on with making the necklace with those lovely beads that I finished last week

nope, this stone is having no part of it -- I've tried every combination of netting stitches I've ever used and none of them work

in all honesty, this is the biggest -- and most irregular -- stone I've ever tried this with, and I'm thinking there may be some super secret technique that I don't know about in dealing with this, but at this point I have officially given up

I'm beginning to wonder if either of the projects I've started with these cool beaded beads will ever be finished

just saying

meantime, there are other projects

like the Christmas sweater that is 14.878% complete

yeah, and now that it's no longer winter -- although you couldn't tell that by the 29 degree temperature when I went out for the paper this morning -- there are lawns to be mowed and other such things

work calls

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