Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NOW we have progress

it's amazing just how quickly you can get something done when you stop fighting with the way things are and go with them instead

took less than an hour to do the bezel around the stone with this method


and I've already found the materials to do the backing (a lovely dove gray leather) and the beads to do the attaching (two shades of silver)

the whole thing will go nicely with those beaded beads

I hope to get the back on this today so I can start stringing this thing together!

the apron is done!

yesterday afternoon I got the final detail finished

at the waist on the left side (right side on the picture) there is a little lace rosette with a silk ribbon rose and a silver charm in a hand shape that says "made by hand"

after I finished all of the stitching I pressed this -- with STARCH!

talk about further stirring the memories --- my grandmother's pattern, the vintage fabric, the smell of warm starch --- enough to put me right back onto the back porch of my grandmother's house in the summer

and here we have yet another afghan strip

this one was smaller -- using up the very last of this yarn (ok, I had about a foot and a half left when I finished binding off -- definitely not enough to do another row!)

the afghan is now 63.333% knit

oh yeah, and the Christmas sweater is 15.854% complete!

Quilting continues on the Hoffman challenge quilt, and I'm closing in on completing another sunflower on the Wild About Flowers piece -- pictures of the sunflower soon
and after a hard day of chasing around in the yard and fretting over "why won't mom let me play in the front yard when she's out there" it's time to sleep

(notice the favorite toy de jour there with her -- a duck that I've replaced the squeaker in 3 times now)

just too funny

time to get busy -- lots of things to do today

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AlisonH said...

Nothing like a handmade blanket there for sweet dreaming under.