Friday, April 02, 2010

still working on some patterns for the flowers

I'm not sure I will use this one

I love the picture, but I'm not sure I can carry off the look with fabric

if I use it it will be the last one I do

yesterday I successfully created the full sized "map" and traced out all of the pattern pieces on to tracing paper

I like tracing paper for the patterns because it is a bit sturdier than the usual tissue paper that is used for patterns

here we have the first 5 petals -- all stitched and clipped and turned

of the 36 petals on this, 13 will be the background petals that are appliqued directly to the back, and the others are all 2 sided and will attached only at the base of the petal so they stand out loose

I actually thought these would take a lot longer to do than they did, so I'm pleased with them
started knitting a new scarf last night --- I want to take this to my doctor when I have my final appointment the end of April

this also went much quicker than I thought it would -- all of this being completed in about an hour

the center section is a very simple 4 row repeat, so I should be able to really crank it out

this pattern is from Wrapped in Comfort, by Alison Jeppson Hyde, and the yarn is another of those skeins that I got by sending in Caron yarn labels

one more afghan square done

this one just looks like Easter --- like the bunny just went wild with the colors!

time to get moving

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