Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A weekend update

this is the little dog that lives at my daughter's house

she was the ring leader of the "jail break"

we went to our daughter's house on Friday to spend the weekend --

the little dog evidently couldn't wait to see "grandpa" and went out the front door to greet the DH in the driveway

unfortunately that also meant the two big dogs decided they needed to be out the front door too

my dog just followed the little dog and the DH into the house

the other dog -- not so much - I had to go across the street and CARRY her home -- all 50 pounds worth -- I'm glad it wasn't my dog that needed carrying!
this was one of my birthday presents from my daughter

she said her husband was actually the one who found it at the bookstore

there are a number of very cool patterns in it

so there will be some fun knitting in the future

one of my favorites is for a toy owl

very cool!!

these are the "bunny bags"

when my daughter was little, my friend used to create one of these for her -- a sort of basket away from home

this year I did these for my daughter and son in law

it was fun

and they should have candy to last them a while -- I put a full bag of Starburst jelly beans in each one

being in the car to my daughter's means some knitting gets done too

the scarf is about half finished -- I really like this pattern -- it is probably a "keeper" for using when I have yarn that is very limited since you can just knit the center section for the desired length and it uses relatively small amounts

and another afghan square is ready for the box

work got done on mittnz last night too

more sunflower petals are complete

almost half way on the ones that have to be stitched and turned

progress is being made on the Hoffman Challenge fish --- I have about a dozen more scales to do then it's on to the head

and while I was away I got two of the 7 trees stitched down on the trees project

all that and spending most of Sunday at my parents house moving stuff out to the street for the annual trash pick up -- and we pruned down the mock orange bush so my folks will be able to get to their trash cans --- not the usual Easter activity, but their city needed the stuff out by Monday morning for the pick up but they weren't allowed to put anything out before Saturday -- and since my son in law had to work on Saturday, we just had no other options
my daffodils are blooming!

well, at least the two older ones -- the new ones that we planted last fall are coming up, so soon I'll have a whole bunch more

don't you love Spring?

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