Tuesday, April 13, 2010

bits and pieces

this is mittnz #10

the yarn did indeed work up differently in the smaller version, bigger pools of color (especially that intense sapphire blue)

the completion of this pair means I will be putting the mitten pattern aside for a while and start working on that Christmas afghan and a sweater

these are the 10 pair of mittens I have knit since the first of the year

an interesting assortment of colors

stripes and pools

large and small

pretty cool I think

the weather here has been the usual spring mix of warm then cool

cloudy then sunny

with occasional downright COLD wind

the daffodils don't seem to mind

those two smaller, lighter colored ones on the far left are all of the older ones that remain

the rest are the result of the "buy the bag of bulbs on half price sale" that saw me planting about 30 new daffodil bulbs in this area last fall

this rather cloudy picture was taken through the dining room window at an angle

I didn't want to risk spooking the wren

for the past few years there have been house wrens using this bird house that hangs on the corner of the house

yesterday morning as I was working on a project I heard the unmistakable sound of wrens outside the window

so it looks like there is nest building going on -- they were coming and going for a while

last year I could even seen the tiny little baby birds -- I hope I get that privilege again -- and I'll keep the camera close at hand

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AlisonH said...

I LOVE wrens! Enjoy! (And wow, that's a lot of mittens!)