Sunday, April 25, 2010

fruit of the unknown tree

we got our monthly "Shares" box yesterday

and this is the first time there has been something in the box that looks familiar but I don't know what it is

I think it's some kind of tropical fruit, but it's not something I've ever purchased or have any idea what to do with

I'm hoping my daughter will

it might end up being fruit for the parrot

meantime, however, I just love the color of this thing -- shading from green through yellow to a soft pink-ish peachy color -- what a great colorway that would be for either yarn or fabric (hmmm, and how would one create that ---)

lots of time spent yesterday on the phone (before I was bright enough to get out my headset -- DUH!) meant I didn't get as much work done as I could of, but that's ok sometimes

I'm working on the hand work on the edges of the apron before I attach the waist band/ties. My "secret sources" (thanks, Sis!) tell me that the pattern is from 1953 -- wow, my "mid 1900s" guess was pretty accurate
finished the last afghan square for the box I've been filling -- cool

that means when we get paid on Wednesday I can take it and mail it (not much of anything happens with money between now and then! -- unless I win the lottery)

the Christmas Sweater is 12.683% complete

a few weeks ago I saw a sweater pattern that I thought was the coolest thing ever --

this is part of a book titled "Color by Kristen", written by Kristen Nichols (you can read her musings about sheep and other things by using this link to her blog)

I'd like to knit something like this for ME!

I think it would be fun to learn this multi-color patterned print technique

guess I'm adding this book to my "wish list"!

time to get some breakfast!!

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AlisonH said...

There are two basic shapes of mangoes: one small and flat and curved a little like a comma,and the other, what you've got there. The big roundish ones vary in color depending on the variety.