Thursday, July 21, 2011

another charity quilt complete and cone flower quilting

and here is the second charity quilt top for this month

after I finished this one the DH said "that print would have been good with red or yellow too"

uh, yeah, but blue and green were the fabrics in the stash, so there you have it

it's nice to have these done so far in advance of the next quilt guild meeting (which isn't until August)

the quilting on the cone flower is finished

and after I did the last of the quilting last night I trimmed away all of the batting that was hanging out around the edges so all that is visible is the backing around the edges

today I'll lay it out on the table and do the hardest part of the whole process -- cut it square in preparation for putting on the facing, the sleeve and the label

oh yes, then I'll add the butterflies that will only be attached in the center of their bodies

well ahead of the deadline on this piece too -- Yippee!

I've been fiddling with some beads for a new piece of jewelry -- maybe

right now this looks like a mini tornado

my biggest question will be rather or not I can actually do any embellishment over this -- which I won't know until I get quite a bit more beading finished

before I wrote this today the front lawn had been mowed and the garden weeded -- the outdoor work finished early before the heat gets us

time now for some breakfast then back into the studio to do some work

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AlisonH said...

A goldfinch!