Monday, July 25, 2011

male and female - the botany lesson

the other day I was talking to my daughter about being able to tell the difference between the male and female zucchini blooms

for quite some time I've been able to tell them apart by the shape of the stalk that supports them -- the male blooms are on long narrow stalks while the female ones are on shorter stalks that look like miniature zucchini

it wasn't until I was out in the garden to take pictures that I noticed the other way to tell them apart

the picture at the top is the male bloom - with one single stigma in the center

the picture at the bottom is the female bloom - with many stigma in the center

cool -- gardening is an ongoing botany lesson!

it is also a continual source of inspiration for art work

yesterday I spent some time at the sewing machine doing something I hardly ever do -- making an article of clothing for me

when I bought the cute fabric that I made Mr. Cute's sun hat out of, I also got fabrics to make me two pair of capri length summer weight pants

I'm finally getting around to that sewing

in fact, these are nearly done -- and would be finished except I don't have any elastic for them

so as soon as I get that these will get finished and I make the other pair

there are now 138 aspen leaves stitched on to the trees project -- the end is in sight (provided I don't decide it needs more, of course)

and I have actually started quilting on the Hawaii piece --

in this picture you can see all of the safety pins I used to pin the backing, batting and top together

because I quilt in my lap without benefit of a frame I usually begin quilting on a piece in the center and work outward so any ripples or bumps get smoothed out to the edges as I work and the entire piece is even when I get finished

on this piece I decided to begin by quilting swirls in that white strip that runs all the way across the piece just below the center line

I'm planning to do that kind of "texture" quilting on the entire piece -- swirls in the white caps, undulating "waves" in the sea sections, etc.

it will probably take a while to get it finished, but so far I'm really pleased

and this piece already qualifies for the "did I do that" feeling that usually tells me it is well done

the results for the Hoffman 2011 challenge have been posted on their website

this piece, which was my entry, did not make the cut

in looking at it with as unbiased an eye as I am able, I would say that it has no central focal point and there is not enough contrast in the coloring

we will not speak of it again

time to have breakfast and finish the laundry


AlisonH said...

Well, hey. *I* like it.

Nancy G said...

Me, too, lots!