Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mission accomplished

or very nearly so

the binding is all done and the "free flying" butterflies are all attached (close up of one of them shown)

now I just have to put the label on it -- which means I need to settle on a title for it -- and I'm open to suggestions on that

I thought about titling it "summer postcard" but that was based on the original idea I had to try and make it a piece that could be hung showing either side, which didn't work out

so now I'm back to "what do I call it?"

in the end, having to put a binding on it wasn't so bad -- it doesn't stick out too much, and while it is different from the original plan it looks good

now that this is finished I need to spend some time getting the pieces ready for the trip to the library on Wednesday for the jurying -- that should be a challenge

and from the "I was green before it was cool" file

this photo showed up in an email that I received this morning

this is a trivet to set a hot dish on the table

it's made by crocheting around bottle caps

back when I was in high school and spent most of my summers between reading the thickest historical fiction I could get at the library and making some kind of fiber craft I made a couple of these -- including one that looked like a bunch of grapes

hey, the materials were cheap (bottle caps were FREE! just save them from the Duffy's drink bottles or the RCs), and it was a useful project

seems this idea has returned!

if you'd like to see the instructions as they have been "revised" you can use this link


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AlisonH said...

The detail on that butterfly! Wow!

Now I'll be trying to think of a clever title all day. Mares eat oats and daisy d'hautes and little lambs eat ivy...