Thursday, July 14, 2011

let the testing begin

one of my concerns about doing the backgrounds on the Out of Africa pieces is that the water color will "bleed" into the animals that have already been done

so I will be doing a "test"

this panel, which was not selected to be part of the finished project (for a number or reasons, not the least of which is I'm simply not happy with the rubber stamp), will be a good place for me to test the water colors without putting the other animal panels in danger

theoretically, because the animals are stamped with an acrylic paint that has a textile medium in it, the fibers under the color should be "sealed" and the water color shouldn't bleed into there

but because I've never actually tried this and I haven't seen any literature about it, I'm not sure

we'll see how it goes

last night I reached a milestone spot in the current sweater project -- this one is knit from the top down and I have reached the point where the sleeves get separated from the body -- nice!

tonight is my local quilt guild meeting -- and in July we do our birthday party potluck -- having been assigned to bring a main dish, I'll be whipping up a big batch of my "famous" macaroni and cheese to take along

leaf stitching continues too -- there are now 63 aspen leaves all turned and stitched -- I think I'm about a third of the way up the panel

time to go get some breakfast

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AlisonH said...

Good luck! (You can't frog paint...)