Friday, July 22, 2011

the design opportunities keep coming

while I had dreaded doing the squaring that part of the project went really well

I'm gaining confidence for doing that part thanks to having that "re purposed" carpenter's square to use

the problems began after that when I discovered that even though this piece had been at least two inches bigger than the required size when I started quilting, and it had been "aggressively pressed", it was now an inch too small one direction and and inch and a half on the other

so much for the idea of simply facing it so the design would look like it just runs off the edge of the quilt

no, I was going to have to do something that would "expand" the piece just a little bit

and I didn't have a lot of choices for what fabric to use either, because I needed to use only the fabrics from the challenge packet

after considerable fussing with pencil and paper, measuring and remeasuring and testing with some scrap fabric I finally cut into the last piece of the challenge fabric and bound the top and bottom edges

this added the necessary amount to those edges and this direction it now is the right size

today I plan to do the binding on the sides -- which will be a bit wider

yup, the problem solving isn't over until the last stitch is done!


AlisonH said...

And the story is hanging by a thread...

LynCC said...

Hey, this is really neat! (Good morning from Florida) :D