Saturday, July 30, 2011

stamping in the redwoods

ok, it's not quite stomping at the savoy, but hey, we do what we can

yesterday afternoon I drug out the materials and tools and cut three redwood stamps

I decided that more than one size and shape would give a more realistic look to the project

these came together really quickly, and I'm pleased with the way they look

one of the things that didn't occur to me until after I had finished cutting is that I'll be use these to stamp right on the quilt and on some tear away stabilizer so I can do some "free floating" pieces that will be added like the aspen leaves later

I'm a big fan of back to school sales

every year when they are on I go and buy the supplies that I will need to have for office and creative projects for the next year

this year's haul included ball point pens in black and red, plastic sheet protectors and a stack of letter size legal pads that I use for lists, drawing designs, writing letters, etc., etc

that stack of legal pads was the best deal -- less that 50 cents each because they were on a close out sale -- nice
and I'm now ready to organize another 56 quarts of fabric

heh - I love the way these kind of tubs are sized by a liquid measure -- like I'm going to pour anything liquid into a container of this shape!

at any rate, I'm on a "get it organized, clean it up" kick in the studio -- not to the point that I can't continue to work in there until its done, but just in an effort to make things more convenient for me and not quite so messy looking in case I want to have someone visit

the garden continues to provide inspiration for future work

one of the onion plants had hidden its bloom tip in among the potatoes long enough to get to to this stage

I pinched it off and brought it into the house for the photo session -- and when I was done it went into the bin for composting

I'm beginning to think about using some of these photos as the beginning of a small quilted piece that I could submit for next year's SAQA auction

and from the "Now What The ?!" file, this blog is being written on the DH's computer as this morning mine got to the "Windows is Starting Up" screen and hung there -- needless to say I'm plenty annoyed, and extremely delighted that I learned from the last painful computer episode to store all of my data on an external hard drive, so I can be up and running from a replacement on pretty quickly -- obviously I'll be having another discussion with the family Computer Doc --


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AlisonH said...

I so love redwoods (and I have one hanging over my house). I am looking forward to each step of yours coming to be.