Sunday, July 24, 2011

beading, garden update and more stinkin' cuteness

a few days ago I worked up that little "tornado" bead as an experiment for a necklace idea I had

only problem was it was so rigid that I didn't think it would ever lay comfortably around the neck, and I wasn't sure I could do the embellishment around it I had in mind either because it was so stiff

yesterday I took the tornado apart and did this strip of right angle weave (RAW)

the advantage of RAW is that it is extremely flexible even when you use different sizes of beads as I did here -- I wanted a strip that was bigger in the center then tapered out at the ends, which this will do just great when it is finished

so, this new approach is a "go" -- I'll be working up the sides to make it the length I need it to be then "zipping" up the flat piece to create a tube that I can do the embellishing on

the garden is doing well -- in the pictures we have bell peppers, Hungarian banana wax peppers, Anaheim chilies and a Roma tomato that is not only really loaded with tomatoes but they are the oddest shape I've ever seen

those tomatoes, as well as another plant that we know is a Heritage tomato were purchased at a nursery near where our daughter lives, and the plants have been amazing -- so much more healthy than those that come from the big box hardware store -- its worth the little extra amount they cost

I wanted to get a picture of the blooms on the zucchini plant while there were both male and female blooms open, but the bees beat me to them, so now I'll have to wait for the next time there is a female bloom open -- with zucchini that won't be long! The up side of the bees beating me to it is I'll have little fresh, tender zucchini to eat very soon

a couple of weeks ago I was talking here about making a second sun hat for Mr. Cute

I stuffed it into a padded envelope (affectionately known as a "squishy" by our clan) and mailed it off

and yesterday his mama sent me this picture of him modelling it

oh the stinkin' cuteness!

love the picture, he is so adorable

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