Wednesday, July 06, 2011

odds and ends of the weekend

we spent the long holiday weekend with our daughter

which is not to say that I didn't work on anything

the Hawaii piece, for example, is now ready to be quilted -- I finished stitching down the last palm frond last night

and I'm about half way through quilting the center of the cone flower

my daughter and I spent part of a couple of afternoons working on scrap book projects, so I'm making good progress on the Christmas thing I'm doing

on Saturday all of us went to the local Farmer's Market to walk around and pick up a few things

this picture of the ever fabulous Mr Cute was taken by his mama a few days before that, but it's pretty close to Saturday's attire

love the shades!!

and he's got his sippy cup in a firm grasp too

my daughter says he needs another sun hat (you know, one to wash, one to wear!), so I got some fabric to make him one (it's in the wash right now -- pictures soon)

since the current big project on the knitting sticks is one my daughter doesn't get to see until Christmas, my evening knitting time was more afghan squares

and a lovely group they are too!

today I'm doing laundry and paying the monthly bills and generally catching up on household things so I can get back into the studio routine

time to get moving

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