Monday, July 18, 2011

charity quilts as therapy

every now and then I have the equivalent of an adult temper tantrum

"No, I don't want to eat what I should!' and "Don't tell me to find an activity I like and get some exercise, there isn't anything I like!"

this happens sometimes when its hot (because I don't feel well in the heat) or when all of the projects I'm working on may be going well, but they're in the "are we there yet" whiny stage

I hit that wall on Saturday, and needed to do something else

so I put on my headset with the MP3 player loaded up with music and spent some time with the rotary cutter and the iron and the sewing machine

my plan was to create my monthly charity quilt top using stuff that was in the stash -- the print fabric in this was left over from a baby quilt that was recently finished, and I thought there would be enough of it to put in with a solid and make a charity quilt

turns out there was enough for two!

next step is to cut these pieces into 6 1/2 inch strips the other way and stitch again

oh, and after the time with the music and the sewing I was feeling a little less like laying down on the floor and kicking my feet while screaming "no, no, no"

nice therapy

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AlisonH said...

Creativity is great therapy, yes!