Thursday, July 07, 2011

unintended discharge project

sometimes when I'm doing the weekly laundry I find unusual things

when I put this pair of pants in the washer I thought this was mud from garden working

it's not

actually it is the result of the splash from the cleaner we used on the deck

evidently the bleach component in that cleaner was strong enough to remove the color from the fabric

I have to say that the effect of the splash over the already printed field is pretty neat looking

wonder if I could recreate that look on purpose for some future project -- this may get played with some more

a couple of pictures of the center of the cone flower center that has had two layers of quilting done on it -- I really like the texture this created over the center

last night, after I finished the second layer of quilting on the center I decided to go ahead and quilt the petals of the piece, then if I have time after that before the entry deadline I will go back to the center and add another layer of quilting there

this is the fabric I bought to make a new sun hat for Mr Cute

it has been washed and pressed and is ready for me to cut and stitch

and I hope to do some of that today

I worked on the beading project yesterday and took 3 pictures of it -- and all of them were blurry -- hmmm, guess we're not ready for publication yet!

today I hope to get the Hawaii piece pinned for quilting, and perhaps to get some more leaves pinned to the trees so I can get some more of those attached

my original plan for this morning was to mow the front lawn, but we had rain yesterday afternoon and into the evening, and it is definitely too wet to mow -- I'll be working on other things instead


AlisonH said...

Why I never, ever buy liquid dishwasher detergent--trying to get it to pour when it was getting low, and that was the end of that pair of pants.

Nancy G said...

I've done that same technique to two different shirts while scrubbing my kitchen sink with Comet. (Apparently I'm a slow learner, hence the secondshirt!)