Tuesday, July 19, 2011

therapy continues

once I got those charity quilt tops started I figure I might as well get them finished

so yesterday I sliced up the pieces and stitched up the centers of these two

the plan for today is to cut the outside borders and get them stitched on -- then I'll have the July charity quilt tops all done --- WHOOT!

meantime, yesterday afternoon I spent some time browsing through a pile of old magazines and had an idea for a new piece of jewelry (remember I said I have more pieces that need to be reworked, but I wanted to do something NEW first) -- spent about an hour pulling out beads (and other stuff) that I can use for this project, so sometime today I'll start fiddling with the idea

there are now over 100 leaves stitched on to the trees and I'm getting closer to the top edge of the quilt -- and now starting to think about the next step -- and wondering if there will be enough of the aspen leaves on there or should I cut and stitch over 100 more -- when I'm done stitching I'll take a picture and try to decide that

quilting on the cone flower is moving along really well - I have one more of the yellow petals to do and a couple of smaller rust colored ones -- it looks like I will be able to have this one to take with me for the library jury -- nice

time to get to it

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AlisonH said...

Lucky recipients. Those are cheerful!