Friday, July 08, 2011

necklace rework finished and the trees return

now that it is done I like it a lot better

I finished up the rest of the fringing yesterday afternoon, and since I had already done the chain it was real easy to slide the pendant on there and head for the photo studio

which means now I need to think about what piece of jewelry I'll be working on next

I have another piece to rework (coincidentally it is also lapis)

and I have a whole lot of stones that are just waiting for me to turn them into something cool

perhaps a trip through the stone box is in order

the pinning of the Hawaii piece is all complete now

and I've pulled out all of the threads that I'll need to do the quilting on this as well

but before I actually start working on that quilting I need to finish the quilting on the cone flower piece

it's nice to have a project in reserve

and since both the cone flower and the Hawaii piece are now in the quilting stage, it was time to decide what would be in the applique work slot

and the trees were a natural

I had already cut out all of those little leaves and had them sitting in a box just waiting for the next step

so yesterday I pinned them down to the quilt surface -- I don't know how many of them I pinned because I didn't count them, but I know that there are now 13 of them stitched down (since each leaf is pinned with a single quilter's safety pin, I'll be able to figure out how many by counting the pins as they get stitched)

like with the Hawaii piece, it's hard for me to see the whole picture while I'm actually working on it, but when I look at the pictures I take for the blog, I get a better feel for how it's going

(heh, yeah -- we can't see the trees for the leaves!)

I'm looking forward to actually keeping this piece in the work rotation and finally getting it finished!

the new sun hat for Mr Cute got cut out yesterday (right after I took this picture)

so maybe today I'll get some of the sewing done

after we make a trip for groceries

time to get going

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AlisonH said...

Oooh, I *like* that! You're right, it is better. And I like the Hawaii quilt, and the (aspens?) trees. Nice, very nice.